Jacob Lara

IMED-1401-008 December 7 2020

Hello, these are some of the things I created this semester, I enjoyed making these projects I think it was a good learning experience and I hope to improve my skills in the future.

Video: For this assignment I made a quick clip with transitions between scenes and I was happy with the final product.

Yes this is actually photoshoped, if you look at my legs you can see where I cut myself out of the original picture, a lot of people were surprised that it was but I inserted myself in front of a Basquiat painting and I was more than satisfied with the final product.

I really enjoyed this assignment and I was so happy with the outcome it remains as one of my favorite projects this semester that we completed in photoshop

This was the logo design project in illustrator and I enjoyed this one, because the assignment was to make a logo that related to the product or business name and I feel I succeeded in doing that.

I enjoyed making this, it was a very useful shortcut that allowed you to duplicate shapes around a circle so I did that here and made a cool little sun

This one was the Indesign project and I really enjoy Indesign because it gives you freedom to create any kind of style of newsletter you want and I really think that’s very useful for designers.


I’m available for new projects. Drop me a line, and let’s create something new.


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