Jacobs Film Blog

September 10 2021

Since this is a film blog, of course I will be posting all things film related, and is this week’s blog post I will be talking about something related to the film industry that is very important that happened just this week. One of my favorite genres in film is the French new wave, a movement that started in the late 1950s and early 1960s. This film movement pretty much set the standard for film as we know it today, although now I would say we are in a new era which is the digital era of filmmaking, but nonetheless remnants of the French new wave movement are still being seen today with many modern directors crediting pioneering French new wave director Jean Luc Goddard as an inspiration to their style of film. Goddard’s most famous movie is the movie Breathless (1960) because of its unique camera shots, amazing storyline, and wonderful cast. Every director has they’re go to actor/ actresses Scorsese has Robert de Niro, John Ford had John Wayne, Sergio Leone had Clint Eastwood, Director Jean Luc Goddard had Jean Paul Belmondo, along with Anna Karina. Jean Paul Belmondo passed away Monday at the age of 88. Jean Paul Belmondo was truly a great actor in every sense of the word, he understood as if he could read the minds of directors, what they wanted to be performed on screen, he was a performer and along with his charm was a recipe for greatness. In his day people drew comparisons to him with the likes of James Dean and Marlon Brando, like James dean was an icon for American culture, Jean Paul Belmondo was that way for France, I would say he was easily the French James Dean. His most notable roles were Breathless alongside Jean Seberg, Pierrot le Fou, Le professionnel, and Borsalino alongside Alain Delon. Not many know of Belmondo due to the fact that his era was mostly in the early 60s-70s and he is mostly well known in only France, so here in the U.S the news of his death went mostly un noticed, and this to me is very unfortunate because if only they knew how impactful he really was to the film industry they would appreciate him more. Regardless people around the world still appreciated his work I feel everyone who is considering going into the film industry either as a actor, or as a filmaker should study the works of Goddard and Belmondo, because it is truly inspirational. I remember my first time watching the movie Breathless a few years ago after wanting for so long to see it, of course I watched it with subtitles, and still the movie exceeded my expectations and quickly became one of my favorite movies ever, it had a touch of film noir and had the perfect amount of mystery along with drama, it’s a true crime classic. Not only did I fall in love with the character development of Belmondo a romantic criminal who has this instantly recognizable coolness to him, I fell in love with the camera shots the zooms and the tracking shots it truly is one of the prettiest films ever made as far as camerawork. I feel fortunate enough to say I was able to recognize and appreciate the work of Belmondo while he was still alive, now that he’s passed he will be missed.

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