Jacobs Film Blog

September 19 2021

Clint Eastwood at the age of 91 in 2021

In this week’s Film blog, I will be talking about the latest movie to release in theatres this week, on Friday the movie Cry Macho was released directed and staring the legendary actor Clint Eastwood. Clint Eastwood has starred in too many movies to count, but the legendary Clint Eastwood has had a film career spanning over 60 years beginning in the 1950s and now here we are in the 2020s and he is still sharp and has the same recognizable and famous coolness to him even at the age of 91. He has been in at least 61 movies and directed close to 40 films and with Cry Macho like stated before he now has had a film career spanning 60 years and has been in a movie in 8 straight decades, it is without a doubt he has one of the greatest Hollywood careers ever and without a single doubt of the greatest actors of any generation. As a young film enthusiast I am so fortunate that I am able to continue to see his career right before my eyes as my grandfather did in the 1960s, that’s what is so special about Clint Eastwood, because he has had such a long career new generations continue to be introduced to his work, for example I remember at the age of 7 I watched Gran Torino with my father and at the time did not know the significance of Clint Eastwood, but later on when I was about 13 years old my father made me aware that the man from Gran Torino was a very famous western actor, and of course from there sparked my interest. I would go on to fall in love with Sergio Leone spaghetti westerns, and the Dollars trilogy and this opened my mind to classic films and made me a movie lover so you can imagine how grateful I am that I get to experience a time where is still directing and coming out and creating new film. I have not yet seen Cry Macho, but since I work at a movie theater I will be sure to see it as soon as I can. Yesterday as I was working, a lot of older men and women bought tickets to Cry Macho and I just thought that was so beautiful seeing people that most likely watched Clint Eastwood movies when they were kids or teenagers and being able to still see him on the big screen, to me its truly inspiring.

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