Jacobs Film Blog

September 26 2021

We are less than a week away from a highly anticipated month of movies, On October 1st marvel fans are yet again getting another movie, this movie is Venom 2. This movie is not an MCU movie and is not supposed to take place in the timeline of the other MCU movies nor is it really supposed to match up with them as far as character development in the MCU, but still nonetheless Venom is still a marvel character therefore still making marvel fans happy. The first Venom movie did really well, clearly since they are making a second one, and Tom Hardy played that role very well in my opinion, I like how they are developing Venom himself giving him a separate personality from his host Eddie Brock, unlike how he was depicted in former spider-man movies such as the 2007 spider-man 3 where he was depicted as this screeching monster which in a way makes sense for the character as he is a symbiote which is an alien species, so with this Venom I feel it focused more on the Horror aspect of Venom making him as scary and alien as possible, whereas the new Venom talks and has conversations with Eddie Brock giving the character a more comedic aspect, which makes the character more enjoyable to fans. After venom we are getting another highly anticipated film with No time to die, this movie has been postponed multiple times since its original release date making this movie a nearly 2-year-old movie now and fans of James bond have been restless waiting for this movie to be released as it is reported that this might be Daniel Craig’s last Bond film. Also on October 1st the movie “The many saints of Newark” comes out and this movie is a prequel to the events that happened on the legendary series The Sopranos, the movie is about main character Tony Sopranos life , and in this film it stars late actor James Gandolfini’s real life son Michael Gandolfini, I feel this is going to be a special film for that one fact, and the cast is phenomenal including Ray Liotta, and Jon Bernthal. Also coming out this upcoming month is Halloween kills, and people have their opinions about the newer Halloween movies, but I am just exited we still get to see this iconic character on the big screen still. Overall I am Excited to see what other people think about these movies going into this month, to see if they share the same excitement about these movies, or have some criticism towards them.  

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